Dog Grooming

Looking for a trustworthy dog grooming service that will leave your furry friends looking and smelling fresh and clean? At Canine Clips by Evelyn, we are proud to offer a variety of dog spa treatments that will have your pets feeling pampered and show ready.
Our dog grooming company is committed to providing your beloved pets with relaxing and comfortable spa services that exceed your expectations. Whether you are searching for a place to get your dogs’ teeth brushed, hair styled, or nails trimmed, we are prepared to meet all of your dog grooming needs. Our compassionate and experienced staff work hard to ensure your dogs have a safe grooming experience that they enjoy. We understand that our customers are working hard to maintain their budgets, which is why we offer all of our services at affordable prices that won’t break your bank. Give us a call or visit our dog grooming spa the next time your pet is ready for bath time. We look forward to helping your pets look fabulous.