Teeth Brushing

If your furry friend’s breath stinks a bit more than usual, it is likely time for another routine teeth brushing appointment. It’s important to visit a pet grooming facility known for its reliability and high quality services. At Canine Clips by Evelyn, we are proud to offer a variety of excellent pet grooming and styling services that exceed our valued customers’ expectations.
Our popular local pet groomers is committed to providing all of our clients with safe and professional teeth brushing in addition to several other luxurious treatments that will leave your pet looking and smelling fresh and clean. In addition to thorough teeth brushing, we also offer a full dog spa experience, including dog nail trimming and pet styling services that pamper your beloved pet. Our professional and compassionate staff work hard to ensure your pet has a relaxing, comfortable teeth brushing and styling session. For the best pet teeth brushing and other dog spa services, please give us a call and come in to visit our inviting pet grooming facility. We look forward to helping your pet look and feel fabulous.